Create Your Own Custom WAP Homepage

Create your own Custom WAP Homepage, complete with a personalized URL.
You can view your Homepage from your mobile phone (or any browser) by going to
Once you have logged in, your account is activated and you can begin using your custom url or give it to your friends.

You can have as many categories and links as you'd like on your homepage and category pages.
Once you register (free) you will have the default Categories, just to get you started. But you can delete any of those simply by unlecting them and updating.
To use your own Custom Categories, simply select how many categories you want to add.
For all your Custom Categories, just click on the Edit Category link to begin. You will then be able to add links and sub-categories or change the order of the links and sub-categories.
You can even put the Go To URL form on any of your pages.

To Add Links there is a link on the top left of your Edit Homepage screen. Just select the links you want to add, and the Custom Category you want to add them to.
If you haven't created any Custom Categories, you will only be able to add links to your main/top page.
You can only select links from the database, so if you have some other links you want to use you can go to and add them.

Access Keys are supported. Pressing 1 thru 9 (and 0 for 10) will jump to that number category or link.
Remeber that the accesskeys will only work for the first 10 links or categories on any page.
The Go To URL input box can also have an accesskey - if there are less than less than 10 links/categories on a page, then the Go To URL will be given an accesskey.

Create Your own WAP Homepage Now: My WAP Homepage *NOTE: if you want to post in the Humpa forums, just send me an email at and I'll activate your Forum account. By default, you will only be activated for the WAP Homepage.

Voyager Theme

Go to to view the Voyager Theme page with your custom links and categories.
If you'd like to see a sample page from your Voyager first, you can go to this link: (it will look different on your Voyage as opposed to IE, firefox, or most other full sized browsers).
Though it will work without further instructions, for best results when using the Voyager theme, here are some guidelines.

Once you have a custom homepage login and have initialized your homepage, you want to edit it. From the main edit screen, uncheck all the default categories and create 3 new ones with names that aren't too long (you can edit them at any time, of course). Or you can use the default categories if you want - but it will only show the first 9 links from any given category, you know?

We are done there. Now go to the red Add Links link in the top left. You have a drop down with all the categories in our database - select a category and you can select links and also which one of your custom categories you want it in. Just assign links to your 3 custom categories and your Home category. You see your home category, though it will be listed with whatever custom title you used (if you used one).

From the main edit page, you can order the links - those are the link that display on the Home tab. You can order the category links too.

You can actually have more than Home plus 3 categories. If you do more categories, you will have a simple arrow that will show you the next 4 categories (it is javascript and swaps out the category tabs, just like clicking the category tabs swaps out the links). I'm also going to do the same thing with the links, so that if there are more the 9, then there will be a small button to view the next 9